President's Message

Hello Hartford Chapter Members & Guests,

I have been thinking about the really good things that have happened in our chapter over the last month or so. I thought I’d share some of them with you. We had a great joint meeting with IMA, APICS and ASQ last month. It’s nice to join forces with like-minded organizations in our area and it was great to see such a large turnout. The subject was the cost of quality. Very interesting!

We held elections to the Hartford Chapter Board of Directors in March. We are a very fortunate chapter to have a large group of motivated volunteers to work on our objectives. We continue to get new volunteers to join us which brings new perspective and adds fresh thoughts. Thanks to all of you who work so hard to make our chapter operate smoothly. To all of our members, please consider volunteering for a Board position or a committee. Many hands (which we actually have!!) make light work. We need you to keep it going!

As you know, part of IMA Global’s mission is to reach out to accounting and finance students and spread the word about careers in Management Accounting. We have really been all about the students this year. Carol Magner-Mitchell got a shout-out in the March Strategic Finance (article by Elizabeth Kennedy) for being one of the most important ‘Campus Influencers’ within the IMA. Thank you to John Fortin for all his efforts reaching out to schools to get the Campus Influencers program started in Hartford. Kim Dera, our Campus Outreach Director, is booking dates at quite a few colleges and universities for us to continue with this objective.

We presented two deserving UCONN students with scholarships at our last meeting. It was a pleasure to host scholarship winners, Kate Boyco and Guan Guo along with Professor Hussein, for this presentation. Congratulations to everybody who is getting involved with the IMA, the Hartford Chapter, our students and the CMA designation. These are exciting times!

Confidently (and better late than never),
Chris West, Hartford Chapter President, 2016-2017