President's Message

Hello Hartford Chapter Members & Guests,

Our July-to-June year is starting to wind down as far as monthly meetings go. There’s only one left: May 16th. If you’ve participated in the Hartford Chapter this year, great! If not……better late than never. Come on out to Indian Hill Country Club for the last meeting. The topic will be ‘Using Data to Drive Business Results.’ 

Are there meeting topics you wish we addressed this year? Consider coming to our summer planning meetings where we choose topics and line up speakers for the coming year. It’s a great way get your input in. We have a good-sized group that attends these meetings so the work gets spread out among many. Watch for summer online newsletters from Lynn Tinter announcing the schedule for those planning meetings. We’d love to have you! 

In the meantime, keep spreading the word about pride in our highly-respected CMA designation. One way you can participate in the ‘on the street’, ‘word-of-mouth marketing’ campaign is by ‘liking’ and sharing Global IMA content on your social media pages. Remember, “You’ve Got to Earn It!” 

Confidently (and better late than never),
Chris West, Hartford Chapter President, 2016-2017